The Tart

A modern twist on the ‘cheese tower’ with elegant red florals that boasts romance.

Rouge raspberries crown a creamy ashed goat’s cheese while a Spanish quince paste rounds the tarty profile with a welcoming sweetness. A French goat’s tomme forms the base with sweet and nutty overtones and a buttery texture that pleasantly coats the tongue.  Both are a great debut to Goat’s milk cheeses and are also suitable for those lactose-intolerant.

Our cheese pillars come with Fine Grazing’s salt flaked, hand-rolled sesame lavosh.

Formed and delivered in time for your special event.

Featured cheese

Brigid’s Well by Sutton Grange. Chabrin by Onetik.


50-80 guests.

Recommended drink pairings

Sauvignon blanc, fresh & fruity reds, Belgian style beers, scotch.

Delivery: Fine Grazing cheese pillars are hand delivered and assembled onsite in time for your event. Delivering to Melbourne Metro locations.

Dimensions: 15cm diameter and approximately 20cm high.

Subject to availability: in the seasons where availability of a particular cheese is limited, we will replace it with a cheese of the same quality.

Ingredients: Brigid’s well (organic goat’s milk salt, non-animal rennet, cultures), chabrin (pasteurized goat's milk, salt, starter, vegetarian rennet) quince (quince pulp, sugar), lavosh crackers (white flour, water, olive oil, sesame seeds, salt, sugar, grapeseed oil, sesame oil).